Welcome to the ASTIB website

ASTIB (Development of Advanced Systems Technologies and hardware/software for the flight simulator and Iron Bird demonstrators for regional aircraft) is a collaborative research and development project coordinated by Umbra Cuscinetti SPA  aiming at support the improvement of the Technological Readiness Level for a number of significant equipments that are being considered of critical importance for the future Green Regional Aircraft (GRA).
ASTIB has been evaluated as the top ranked proposal in response to the Clean Sky 2 first call for Core Partners in the context of regional aircraft IADP, topic call JTI-CS2-2014-CPW01-REG-01-01.
ASTIB is supported by the European Commission under Horizon2020 Programme.

Clean Sky 2

Air transport contributes today about 3% to global greenhouse gas emissions, with traffic expected to triple by 2050. Although other sectors are more polluting (electricity and heating produces 32% of greenhouse gases), this expected growth makes it necessary to address aviation’s environmental impact. Meeting the EU’s climate and energy objectives will require a drastic reduction of the sector’s environmental impact by reducing its emissions. Maximising fuel efficiency, using less to go farther, is also a key cost-cutting factor in a very competitive industry – and as air traffic increases, better noise reduction technologies are needed. But game-changing innovation in this sector is risky, complex and expensive, and requires long-term commitment. This is why all relevant European stakeholders must work together to develop proof-of-concept demonstrators.